Tracking Conversions for Direct Offers

Tracking Conversions for Direct Offers

Adkernel utilizes a server-to-server post-back method for tracking conversions related to publisher activity based on a {conversion} click id tracking macro passed to the advertiser’s destination URL.

For example, your advertiser has the following basic destination url:{query}

Adding the {conversion} macro in the destination URL will create a click identifier for tracking any conversions.

Using “trck=” parameter as the example:{query}&sr=advf&trck={conversion}

Once user clicks on this URL, {conversion} macro will be changed to our click id:{query}&trck=XXXXXXXXX

where XXXXXXXXX – conversion id

Once this click converts, your advertiser should call the following URL (for example via image pixel), for the system to record it as a conversion.{id}&c={conversion}&count={count}&value={value}

You can verify your host under Offers > Goals > Create > Orange Icon


id – Current goal Id (must be added in Offers settings)
conversion – Click Id used for conversion tracking
count – Number of conversions (optional, default value = 1)
value – Conversion value (optional, default value = 0)

For example:

will add 1 conversion with $1 cost.

Global pixel can be used simply by removing the “goal=” id parameter from the conversion URL. That will make the system record the conversion to the first goal added within the offer/campaign. Just note that at least one goal shall be created in offer.

In this case, the advertiser will need to call back the following URL:


Also, we support multi-step conversion goals, so you’ll be able to track multiple postback events (registration, purchase, etc.) within one offer. Find more information under the “Goals” tab in the Offers Editor