Dedicated support team helps you every step of the way.

Our Support promise:

Adkernel is a business driven by our clients. We offer support in many forms - from day to day technical issues, support monitoring for immediate technical issues to more considered and longstanding technical and business advice. As a technology provider, we're here to assist your team by bringing technical expertise and industry insights that let you focus on growing your business.

Pre-sales support.

Demos and Use Case Scenarios: For anyone considering Adkernel as their platform or otherwise technical provider, we are happy to assist and to help answer any technical questions or business related questions you may have. Please reach out to us via the contact form here.

During the initial stages.

Setup and Onboarding: Our onboarding team will give you the right guidance and assistance to integrate and launch your Adkernel configurations within your internal operations.

Platform Trainings: You will have access to a dedicated account representative during your onboarding to 1) Schedule platform walkthroughs for you and your team 2) assist with the initial deployment and successfully launch your new adtech systems

Ongoing relationship.

Technical and Operations Support: Clients are always able to connect with our dedicated support to assist with any issue that may arise, or just to get advice or for quick questions about the platform, partners or beyond. We focus a great deal on our technical support team, which comprises over 40% of our staff.

Strategic Support for Growth: We also have a dedicated strategic team to advise our clients on issues and technologies which impact your business and to help optimize revenue and expand your business. Our goal is to support your business and advise on opportunities to help you grow your business - from joining meetings with your team and partners, to advice on industry standards, compliance, new technologies – we are here for you.

Start a conversation.

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