Case Study: Programmatic KPI Automation – How Adkernel’s Clients utilize KPI Bid Optimization in the DSP Suite

Case Study: Programmatic KPI Automation – Using the KPI automation features of Adkernel’s DSP Suite to Drive Performance from Programmatic Media

In the world of programmatic media buying, effectively optimizing for campaign KPIs can be a both challenging and time consuming endeavor. 

Advertisers and agencies that attempt to create ROI-positive programmatic campaigns based on KPIs related to sales, app installs or other conclusions face difficult scenarios in delivering on those expectations. This usually results in a reduction of programmatic sources in the media mix for performance campaigns.

About: Adkernel is a leading provider of transparent ad technology. Clients are using Adkernel’s white-label DSP (DSP Suite), RTB Exchange (RTB Suite) and PPC ad-server (PPC Suite) to process over 200 Billion ad requests daily, making Adkernel one of the largest independent ad technology platforms. 

In this case study, we’re featuring a large O&O (Owned and Operated) publisher network who are using the KPI automation features included in Adkernel’s DSP Suite™ to automate and drive performance results for their advertisers, as well as their bottom line.

TLDR: They’ve increased budget allocations from their advertisers and reduced amounts of manual intervention in campaign performance that frees up their team to onboard more direct advertisers.

Case Study: Large Direct Publisher Network 

Background: The client featured here is a large direct publisher network which relies heavily on maintaining the performance of the campaigns for their direct advertisers, which are mainly performance marketing agencies and self-serve clients with CPA goals. 

Previous to launching their Adkernel-based platform, our client faced serious issues in growing the self-serve advertising spend on their platform, based on poor CPA performance as well as the amount of time required on a per-advertiser basis by their Ad Operations teams to effectively optimize performance.

After implementing Adkernel’s DSP Suite and connecting it to their Owned and Operated (O&O) web properties, the client network began offering select advertisers with access to Adkernel’s KPI automation features in the campaign manager. 

They have since shared feedback that their clients are extremely satisfied with the performance of the KPI automation.  Further, they have been able to utilize network-level optimizers to increase the profitability while still satisfying their advertisers KPIs, a long term goal which they had struggled to achieve.

KPI Bid Optimizations for Campaigns: 

Advertisers are able to target CPA and CPC goals using built in campaign controls. The optimizers begin with a learning period of ~24 hours, where bid levels and adjustments are tested based on dimensions of the traffic inventory. After the initial learning period, campaign performance is effectively automated and adjusts bids according to KPI targets. Sources that do not deliver conversions have bids reduced, and budget is allocated to more performant sources and to exploring any new sources that may have been added.

Here, we see the aggregate results for recent campaigns: the sums of the traffic cost (Win Cost) against a sum of the Target Costs for the campaign CPA goals.

As you’ll see, the sum of the traffic cost is, in some cases, significantly lower than the sum of the target CPA goals. This margin also allows for further optimization on the network level – increasing margins 

Walkthrough: Main Features of the KPI Optimization within Adkernel’s DSP Suite:

1. Bid Optimization Modes: The DSP Suite offers several bid optimization modes, including CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click), and CPCV (cost per completed video). These modes allow advertisers to align their bidding strategies with specific campaign objectives and target KPIs effectively.

 Default Bids: The default bid represents the initial bid value set for each sub ID. If the optimizer runs in “full auto” mode without using the “Min source clicks/spend for optimization” setting, changing the default bid won’t affect the optimized bids. 

However, if the “Min source clicks/spend for optimization” setting is used, the bids for sources that haven’t reached the minimum threshold will change accordingly.


Adkernel’s DSP Suite is a transformative force in programmatic media buying. With its KPI automation features and bid optimization modes, it streamlines campaign performance, enhances profitability, and boosts client satisfaction. Advertisers and agencies can now unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising, all under the transparent and reliable umbrella of Adkernel’s white-label DSP Suite.

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