White-Label RTB Exchange Suite

White-Label RTB Exchange Suite

A white-label ready OpenRTB (and beyond) exchange for creating SSP endpoints and connecting to direct and 3rd party Demand Side Platforms


Supply features for managing direct publishers, bidder endpoints for SSPs (OpenRTB 2.3-2.5 supported) and direct JS tag support

  • Server to server RTB endpoints for video display native
  • Header Bidding Support
  • Prebid.js Adapter (Whitelist Alias Ready)
  • Prebid/Prebid Server Compatible
  • Tag-based Display/Video Adserver
  • Native Ads Widgets
  • Publisher Self-Serve
  • Malvertising Protection
  • Realtime Publisher Page Categorization (IAB)
  • DEAL IDs/PMP Support

Product Suites

Manage your own demand stack using the following features:

  • 100s of DSP integrations
  • Self Serve Direct Advertiser Interface
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation/Consolidation
  • Direct Campaign Hosting
  • 3rd Party JS tag support
  • Advanced Targeting
  • VAST\VPAID support
  • Leading Traffic fraud verification tools


Analytics including multi-level drill down reports, 100% 3rd party stats aggregation and IVT data…

  • Revenue stats aggregation
  • Conversion Tracking (Pixel and S2S)
  • Traffic intelligence
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Traffic fraud reports / IVT pixel and Prebid data
  • Header-Bidding Analytics


Analytics and Optimization features for realtime eCPM optimization and KPI goals

  • eCPM optimizer
  • Smart traffic routing (Multi-factorial DSP/SSP request optimization)
  • Gross/Net Revenue Optimizer
  • Direct campaigns CPC
  • CPA/ROI bid optimization


Admin and Network features including:

  • White-label Interface
  • Customizable CSS and Logos
  • Fast Multidimensional Reporting
  • Role-based admin accounts
  • Management consoles for all aspects of operation
  • Payments and Invoicing
  • Remote Statistics Aggregation

Under the Hood

Technical features including:

  • All Access Management APIs
  • Publisher API
  • Advertiser API
  • Remote CSV Exports
  • Raw data access
  • 99.999% Uptime (Stat)
  • Advertising CDN