Control your ad serving stack with Adkernel’s RTB + Prebid Suite

AdKernel's Header Bidding Suite is an all-in-one technical solution for managing server-side SSPs, direct campaigns for Prebid enabled publishers and publisher networks. Prebid adapter aliasing is included, at no additional cost.

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All included into an ad operations interface that provides thousands of combinations for targeting, bid modes,and ad-serving templates for hundreds of SSPs and Exchanges, as well as your own branded self-serve interface for direct advertisers -- we give our clients the tools to optimize their earnings and speed up common ad operations tasks.

Prebid™ Adapter Alias All Adkernel clients are provided with a Prebid Adapter alias, at no additional cost.. We also assist in the implementation of your demand (SSPs, OpenRTB endpoints and more) within your Suite... Adkernel is the easiest and most efficient way to launch your own Prebid™ Adapter or Prebid™ Network!

Invested in client support. As a long term provider of ad technology, Adkernel is uniquely placed to provide technical support as well as invaluable strategic insights. We are happy to assist our clients and help to facilitate their business goals.

Not to mention —no minimum or monthly charges. We also offer the most competitive pricing in the industry, with flexible models for both revenue share or QPS, to scale your business effectively. Find out more by contacting our onboarding team directly, below.


• White-label ready: Includes a separate interface for publishers and separate self-serve platform for Advertise

• Integration templates for over 400+ SSPs (including Prebid Server)

• Support for tags and direct ads as well as direct advertiser self-serve platform

• Rock-Solid Reporting, including multi-level drill-down reports, IVT reports from all major providers built-in

• Advanced AI optimization for eCPM and KPI targets for direct campaigns

• Contextual targeting for site-based requests

• PMP Deal Management - Sell PMP based deals to buyers

• Custom first-party data segments create targeting segments based on your first-party data

•Full privacy and consent Compliance, TCF and other ePrivacy solutions built-in

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