Our Technology

The core strength of Adkernel rests on our full-stack philosophy for building resilient, quick and feature rich adtech platforms for our clients.

From our use of custom server hardware, and industry leading ad serving software, we are able to provide our clients with ad-serving technology with high efficiency and low costs.

With over 15 years of developing ad-tech platforms and customized solutions – Adkernel has built a robust adserving, ad reporting and ad optimization engine – as well as ePrivacy compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) that has passed the most stringent audits in the business.

We’ve also open sourced our Java framework, built for processing data for extreme environments, ActiveJ. Read more, below.

ActiveJ is our Java framework for modern web, cloud, high-load, and microservices solutions. Open sourced in 2019, its the basis for Adkernel’s core adserving technology and powers over 200 Billion ad requests and responses daily.
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