Our Technology

The core strength of Adkernel rests on our full-stack philosophy for optimizing ad-serving – byte to bit.
From our use of custom server hardware – switches, servers, routers and nodes – and efficient and optimized ad serving software, we are able to provide our clients with ad-serving tools that are both powerful and competitive.

With huge data comes huge responsibility.

AdKernel promotes the use of intelligent bidding algorithms based on near real-time processing of incoming data.

AdKernel’s AI and Machine Learning models currently power:

  • Multi-dimensional Request and Response optimization
  • Near real-time topic/keyword processing for website URLs
  • Advanced bidding optimization for CPM, CPC and CPA goals


DataKernel a full-stack application for Big Data based on our core technologies for processing 100s of billions of requests per day efficiently.

For technical documentation,

UIKernel is the open sourcing of a 4-year development to optimize user interfaces to display huge amounts of data and allow for efficient and quick edits.