From The Adkernel Team

From The Adkernel Team

New Feature Tutorial – DSP Suite – Media Planner (Forecasting Tool)

The Media Planner is a simple sample-based tool that allows to estimate the available traffic volumes and average bidfloors by:

  • Countries
  • Device Type (Desktop / Mobile / Tablet / TV / Game Console)
  • Device OS + OS Version
  • Domains
  • Apps
  • Traffic Type (Banner / Native / Video / Audio)
  • Banner Size
Media Planner view example

The corresponding data aggregation covers last 2 months data window and can be enabled per request to for:

  • Specific Exchange ID(s)
  • Whole DSP network

You can also apply additional filters such as:

  • Date Range
  • Traffic Type
  • Traffic Soure (App or Site environment)
  • Device Type
  • Exchange ID
  • Banner Size
  • Operation System
  • Country
Media Planner available filters

Every viewed Media Planner traffic estimation report can be exported into XLS / XLSX / CSV / JSON formats.

As a result, you can plan your media buying activities more wisely and transparently.

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