White-Label XML Ad Suite

Our XML Ad Suite is a fully-hosted, white-label ready ad exchange for connecting XML-based traffic supply to direct and 3rd party demand

Supply Side

Publisher management features including:

  • XML/JSON ad feed generator
  • CPV templates
  • Direct Link/SmartLink (302 Redirect) support
  • Self-serve publisher UI
  • Click Tracking
  • Impression Tracking
  • Fraud/IVT integrations
  • Publisher Reports Export (Remote CSV or API)

Demand Side

Demand side management features including:

  • 1000+ Demand Sources Integrated
  • Automated 3rd party stats aggregation
  • Gross vs Net revenue optimization (underpay calculation)
  • eCPM Optimizer (AI-based revenue optimizer/smart routing)
  • S2S/Pixel conversion tracking
  • Advertiser Self-serve UI with payment and billing
  • Customizable Rules-based Email notifications
  • Google analytics Goals optimization
  • Image asset hosting (Advertising CDN)
  • Malvertising integrations; Adwords Campaign Importer


Interfaces for direct publishers, self-serve advertisers, advertiser managers and more, including:

  • White-label ready and fully hosted
  • Customizable CSS and Logos
  • Fast Multidimensional (Drill-down) Reporting
  • Management UI for all aspects of operation
  • Role-based Admin Accounts
  • Full Management (REST) API, Publisher API, Advertiser API
  • Billing and Invoicing Reports (Exportable)


1000s of demand endpoints (feed templates), ad scoring, Fraud IVT solutions and statistics integrations.

  • Fraud/IVT Solutions
  • Malvertising/Ad Scanning Solutions
  • Major Payment Gateways and Processors
  • S2S (Postback) and Pixel Conversion tracking
  • Mobile Analytics integrations (Kochava)
  • 1000+ Demand Source and Publisher Integrations
  • Google Analytics tracking

Under the Hood

Full REST API control of features, exportable reports, CDN and more:

  • Multiple Datacenters
  • Full Management REST API
  • Full Advertiser and Publisher API
  • Remote-accessible CSV Reporting Export
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Raw data access (Log export)
  • Neural-network Revenue Optimization and Conversion Goal Targeting