Adkernel’s White-Label DSP —A modern media buying platform for agencies and self-serve advertisers.

DSP Suite is Adkernel's answer for agencies, networks, and brands that need advanced media buying features and transparent controls over their business —from the leader in hosted ad-tech.

Adkernel White Label DSP

Features Including:

Advanced Reporting and Media Planning: 100s of dimensional reports and log level action logs built with Adkernel’s advanced ad-tech reporting engine. Explore activity and create media plans based on historical and predictive statistics.

100% Transparent Pricing: Connect any supply and always see transparent costs  – no black box pricing or sources ever.

Technical support and industry expertise: Adkernel’s technical support and industry knowledge will help you scale your operations and focus on the core strengths of your business

White Label Hosting: Hosted on Adkernel’s custom ad-tech cloud infrastructure, the DSP Suite can be setup with the domain name and  branding / design customizations of your choosing.

Fast Time To Market: New DSP Suites can be deployed as soon as agreements are in place.

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Use Cases:

Publisher Networks:

An intuitive, self-serve interface for your direct advertisers. Direct advertisers can target placements in your sites, apps, and other media properties. Advanced targeting options, including automated Topic/Contextual AI targeting, Our DSP Suite makes it easy to offer your advertisers a direct path to spend with your network.

Media Agencies:

A fully-featured trading desk for managed campaigns. Media agencies can manage display, video and native campaigns. With access-based roles and separate logins for clients, Adkernel's White-Label DSP Suite makes it easy to manage campaign activity, forecast media, manage advanced targeting and optimization strategies and generate reports for clients.

In-Housing Platform for Brands, Affiliates and large Advertisers:

Get the most out of your campaigns. Connect with the right publishers and exchanges and get the best possible results for your campaigns. Adkernel's DSP Suite is fully integrated with Google ADX, AppNexus, and other RTB-based supplies. In addition, the suite provides an intuitive self-serve interface for direct management of Header-Bidding publishers via Prebid.js., real-time analytics and optimization features for eCPM, postback tracking, and CPA-to-CPM optimization. 100% stats aggregation to have all of your partner stats in one place.

Adkernel's Support promise:

Adkernel is invested in client support. As a long-term provider of ad technology, we're uniquely placed to provide technical support and invaluable, actionable strategic insight for your business.


We are a leading advertising technology company that offers a fast, efficient, and feature-rich universal white-label ad serving solution for publishers, advertisers, and networks. Thanks to the company’s industry-leading role in providing enterprise-class solutions for pay-per-click, display, and video, mobile and desktop markets help clients achieve advanced traffic and revenue maximization.

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