CPA Suite

Media Buying Automation Platform for Performance Marketers

We’ve combined the power of our ad-server with real-time deep optimization that can automate the most difficult and labor intensive parts of performance media buying .

Freeing teams from the labor intensive tasks of granular optimization to focus on business building goals and scaling campaigns.

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Technical Specifications

Executive Overview

CPA? Sweet!

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    Ad-Server + Automation

    Easily activate Performance campaigns with smart bidding strategies on any kind of digital media channel.

    Create an Operational Automation workflow that takes your data and makes it actionable with tried and tested AI/ML approaches to optimize publisher and campaign performance automatically.

    “[Adkernel’s CPA] optimizer allowed us to spend and test more budget without hiring and training a whole department of campaign managers… “ — Network client

    All-in-one performance interface

    Smart Links, Native ads, mobile and desktop push, domain parking redirects, text ads and other programmatic media – all in one system.

    Use our unified interface to monitor stats and performance and customize bidding strategies using raw data exports and a full bidder API for for updates. 100% Stats reporting in the interface (True net statistics via automatic stats importing for all providers)

    We’re technology partners first…

    Connecting digital media buying and performance marketing is always terrifying and labor intensive. As the current technology provider for over 300 ad-tech companies, we know about scale (Serving and decisioning over 250 Billion ad requests per day) – and we’ve been providing advanced bid optimization features for over 6 years.

    Now, we’re releasing our focused CPASuite – the power of Adkernel’s ad-serving stack with focused features for all performance media buying at scale.

    We provide white-label ( interfaces for administration, self-serve publisher and self-serve advertisers UIs, all included with CPASuite.

    Use us to…

    Power your performance media buying trading desk – connect display, native, CPC, social and any link-based opportunities and automate your bidding using a conversion feedback loop.

    Expand your CPA network with your own white-label DSP – turn your affiliates into media buyers.

    Create a new CPA-only network – AdKernel lets you decide on every step of the configuration

    We provide solid tried-and-tested hosted solutions that allow you to scale your business on.

    Check out these features, tailored for your business.


    Banner, CPC, Smartlinks, Push,

    Native Ad support

    Publisher Postbacks

    Self-Serve Publisher Interface

    CPA to CPM bid optimization

    CPA to CPC optimization

    Pure CPA Mode

    Admin Features

    Integrations Hub, Automated Stats Import

    for every 3rd Party stats source.

    Partnerships for IVT, ad quality,

    in-app conversions

    Advanced Drill Down Performance Reporting

    for 100s of dimensions

    Advanced API

    Configurable Advanced Bidding Controls


    Offers Importer

    Integrate Offer APIs

    Advanced Bid Adjustments

    500+ Ad platform integrations

    Self-Serve Advertiser Interface

    Got questions?

    We’ve got answers!

    How technical do you need to be?

    We support multiple use cases and levels of activity, from small media buying teams to large networks with requirements for hourly raw log exports and heavy API usage to support complicated bid adjustments.

    How much does it cost?

    We have a revshare model based on a percentage of net revenue, so our incentive is aligned with our clients.

    Are there premium features?

    AdKernel clients have access to a full product with 100s of configurable features, based on their real world business use cases. We support SSPs, DSPs, ad networks, exchanges and direct media buying operations which gives us a great

    What is your approach to CPA optimization?

    We’ve built a core eRPM (Revenue per Mille / 1000 requests served) engine that powers a majority of our internal request optimization and has been extremely effective for our direct network and exchange clients that work with some of the largest performance marketers.

    Our optimizer operationalizes the approach of a good campaign manager and automates the tasks that machine learning are better at, leaving the managers with time and bandwidth to focus on higher level tasks.

    What is your technology based on?

    AdKernel was founded by core technologists who have built an ad-serving and machine learning platform that provides a solution that scales for all level of ad-tech client. Recently, we’ve open sourced our unbeaten core technology stack – – Which you can read more about.

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