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Considering in-housing, outsourcing, or something in-between?

Adkernel is the “Anything Ad-Tech” partner trusted by clients of all sizes and configurations to power their advertising solutions – to speed their time to market, reduce technical complexities and overheads or just to future-proof their platform and increase profitabilty.

Throughout our 15+ years offering hosted ad tech solutions (white label, colocation, cloud and more) Adkernel has built world class statistics engines, revenue optimization platforms, self serve publisher, advertiser and trading desks for 100s of clients across the industry.

Whether you do $400MM in ad spend, or $40,000, Adkernel has customizable solutions that can help you grow your business.

Adkernel powers over 200 Billion daily requests across our client installations and is the developer of ActiveJ, the open source Java framework built with the experience of developing for Adkernel’s extreme adserving requirements.

Adkernel’s unique business model empowers our clients to quickly launch or transfer their advertising business to a trusted and resilient platform from the experts in ad tech.

Transparent Techical Platform Provider

Adkernel is solely a solutions provider – we do not operate as an exchange or sell or buy traffic. Our business relies solely on providing private customized adserving solutions to our clients and the transparency of our technology. Our unique model is aligned 100% with your growth.

Adkernel Product Suites –

      • White-Label PPC Suite – A best in class PPC, Search, Push, XML, JSON white-label ad platform, with self serve publisher, advertiser and advanced reports and administration tools.
      • White-Label RTB Exchange – Looking to launch a programmatic advertising exchange, programmatic (OpenRTB) SSP, or maybe a publisher network for header bidding (Prebid), CTV, VAST or Audio ad server? Look no further than Adkernel’s RTB Suite. Featuring 100s of advanced features, huge QPS processing and revenue optimization and backed by world class RTB experts and support SLAs.
      • White-Label DSP Suite – Adkernel’s DSP Suite is a brandable, customizable trading desk for agencies and direct buyers. Featuring a built-in AI contextual targeting tool, real-time reporting and hundreds of bid optimization and campaign ROAS features. Rivaling larger products from TheTradeDesk, Adkernel’s DSP Suite allows clients to manage SSPs, direct publisher and even launch their own branded self-serve advertising platform for direct advertisers.
      • Smartlink Suite – Adkernel’s Smartlink UI is made for the CPA market. Launch your own CPA network, optimize your CPA based publishers, buying and more with extremely advanced bid targeting and optimization models, only available in Adkernel.
      • CTV/OTT Solution – Using the Adkenrel RTB Suite, you can easily launch an CTV/OTT exchange with programmatic endpoints, VAST, DAAST and hundreds of features specific to CTV/OTT programmatic buying.

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Clients are amazed by the flexibility and speed of Adkernel’s feature development. Adkernel never charges for customizations or feature requests – our business is built on our ability to competently and quickly develop new features to keep our platforms cutting edge.

With 1000s of optional features and cross-integration compatibilty between our suites, Adkernel is confidently the “Anything Ad-Tech” partner you’ve been looking for.

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