XML / JSON Ad-Serving Features (Adkernel PPC Suite)

Supply Side

For publishers, this suite offers a myriad of features that make ad management a breeze:

  • XML/JSON ad feed generator: Seamlessly generate ad feeds in your preferred format.
  • CPV templates: Easily set up Cost Per View templates.
  • Direct Link/SmartLink support: Flexible redirection capabilities via 302 Redirects.
  • Self-serve publisher UI: A user-friendly interface for publishers to manage their ads independently.
  • Click Tracking: Monitor every ad click in real-time.
  • Impression Tracking: Gain insights into your ad views.
  • Fraud/IVT integrations: Ensure your traffic's integrity with integrated fraud detection tools.
  • Publisher Reports Export: Access comprehensive reports via Remote CSV or API.

Demand Side

Catering to advertisers, the suite encompasses:

  • 1000+ Demand Sources Integrated: Vast networks of demand sources at your disposal.
  • Automated 3rd party stats aggregation: Auto-collect and analyze data from third parties.
  • Gross vs Net revenue optimization: Optimize your revenues with underpay calculations.
  • eCPM Optimizer: AI-driven optimization ensures your ad revenues are maximized.


With thousands of demand endpoints, the suite ensures comprehensive integration options:

  • Fraud/IVT Solutions: Advanced solutions to detect and prevent invalid traffic.
  • Malvertising/Ad Scanning Solutions: Ensure the safety of your users by preventing malvertising.
  • Major Payment Gateways and Processors: Seamless financial transactions with leading payment gateways.
  • S2S (Postback) and Pixel Conversion tracking: Robust tracking mechanisms for reliable analytics.
  • Mobile Analytics integrations: Integrate with tools like Kochava for mobile insights.

Under the Hood

Advanced technical features that power the suite:

  • Multiple Datacenters: Redundancy and resilience with data centers across the globe.
  • Full Management REST API: Complete control and integration capabilities with our RESTful API.
  • Remote-accessible CSV Reporting Export: Access and export detailed reports in CSV format.
  • Content Delivery Network: Fast and efficient content delivery through a global CDN.
  • Raw data access: Extract raw logs and insights for in-depth analysis.

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