White-Label Ad Server – Display, Video, Native, RTB and DSP Platform

White-Label Ad Serving Solutions

Adkernel is the leader in white-label ad tech solutions, across the industry. From PPC and Push notifications, to fully branded programmatic DSPs, we provide technology for all levels of customer sophistication.

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All product suites include white-label ready infrastructure and standalone self-serve UIs for Publishers, Advertisers and Admins

White-label RTB Suite

A fully featured OpenRTB exchange suite for managing supply and connections to DSPs or direct demand.

White-label DSP Suite

Our DSP Suite is made for agencies, large publishers and in-house media buying teams to manage their trade desk activities across the spectrum of programmatic and direct placements.

White-Label PPC / XML Suite

An advanced XML/JSON ad-server capable of powering PPC, Native, Push and Smartlink advertising and managing direct and 3rd party demand in one interface.

White-Label Header Bidding Suite

Manage direct publishers via Prebid.js or Javascript tags and connect S2S, RTB and direct demand in an advanced management console, with all the features of our RTB Suite to back it up.