White-Label RTB Exchange Suite

White-Label RTB Exchange Suite

A white-label ready OpenRTB (and beyond) exchange for creating SSP endpoints and connecting to direct and 3rd party Demand Side Platforms

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Supply features for managing direct publishers, bidder endpoints for SSPs (OpenRTB 2.3-2.5 supported) and direct JS tag support

  • Server to server RTB endpoints for video display native
  • Header Bidding Support
  • Prebid.js Adapter (Whitelist Alias Ready)
  • Prebid/Prebid Server Compatible
  • Tag-based Display/Video Adserver
  • Native Ads Widgets
  • Publisher Self-Serve
  • Malvertising Protection
  • Realtime Publisher Page Categorization (IAB)
  • DEAL IDs/PMP Support
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Product Suites

Manage your own demand stack using the following features:

  • 100s of DSP integrations
  • Self Serve Direct Advertiser Interface
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation/Consolidation
  • Direct Campaign Hosting
  • 3rd Party JS tag support
  • Advanced Targeting
  • VAST\VPAID support
  • Leading Traffic fraud verification tools
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Analytics including multi-level drill down reports, 100% 3rd party stats aggregation and IVT data…

  • Revenue stats aggregation
  • Conversion Tracking (Pixel and S2S)
  • Traffic intelligence
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Traffic fraud reports / IVT pixel and Prebid data
  • Header-Bidding Analytics
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Analytics and Optimization features for realtime eCPM optimization and KPI goals

  • eCPM optimizer
  • Smart traffic routing (Multi-factorial DSP/SSP request optimization)
  • Gross/Net Revenue Optimizer
  • Direct campaigns CPC
  • CPA/ROI bid optimization
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Admin and Network features including:

  • White-label Interface
  • Customizable CSS and Logos
  • Fast Multidimensional Reporting
  • Role-based admin accounts
  • Management consoles for all aspects of operation
  • Payments and Invoicing
  • Remote Statistics Aggregation
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Under the Hood

Technical features including:

  • All Access Management APIs
  • Publisher API
  • Advertiser API
  • Remote CSV Exports
  • Raw data access
  • 99.999% Uptime (Stat)
  • Advertising CDN
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