Real-time Intent - A Contextual Ad Targeting solution for Programmatic Advertising

Looking for a way to identify highly monetizable users within your audience? Real-time Intent automates the discovery of high-intent search traffic within your direct publisher networks and creates re-targetable audiences linked to a contextual profile.

Real-time intent audiences

AdKernel’s contextual topic-targeted DSP goes one step further by combining their neural-network AI for on-page topics with understanding of where users originate from. High-value search referrers are used to tag users to create audiences that have interest in the topics of the page and to target them again during critical consideration moments.

With AdKernel’s DSP suite, publishers and networks with direct publishers create topic-based audiences that are instantly targetable with direct campaigns.

Features include
      • Intent-only targeting mode
      • Topic-based retargeting mode: Target audiences for intent, topic and recency factors
      • Advanced bidding optimization for CPM, CPC and CPA goals included