Header Bidding Suite (SUITES)

S2S Header Bidding Suite

Adkernel’s features can also be used to manage direct publishers and connect them with direct campaigns, 3rd party tag-based demand and S2S/RTB DSPs. Find the related features below

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While AdKernel’s RTB Exchange suite offers many ways to connect SSPs as well as direct publishers through javascript and iframe tags, it also offers header bidding components via Prebid.js

  • Prebid.JS
  • Prebid Server compatible
  • Prebid Adapter Aliases to Company Name
  • Pure Server-to-Server Mode
  • S2S Tag Solution (No Prebid Required)
  • S2S Auction Management Console
  • Prebid.js Analytics reporting (Stats adapter)
  • Supports 3rd Party JavaScript tags
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation: Fraud/IVT Solutions
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Technical integrations are available for hundreds of DSPs using server-to-server calls (OpenRTB based and custom endpoints supported), as well as direct advertiser campaigns and support for tag based demand.

    Features including:
  • 100s of DSP integrations
  • Self Serve Direct Advertiser Interface
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation/Consolidation
  • Direct Campaign Hosting
  • 3rd Party JS tag support
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Vast\VPaid support
  • Leading Traffic fraud verification tools – prebid and pixel scoring with sampling modes