Header Bidding Suite (SUITES)

S2S Header Bidding Suite

Adkernel’s features can also be used to manage direct publishers and connect them with direct campaigns, 3rd party tag-based demand and S2S/RTB DSPs. Find the related features below

Supply Side
Features for managing inventory
Demand Side integrations/ S2S
Platform features, interfaces and controls
Third party integrations offered
Hosting, APIs and more

While AdKernel’s RTB Exchange suite offers many ways to connect SSPs as well as direct publishers through javascript and iframe tags, it also offers header bidding components via Prebid.js

  • Prebid.JS
  • Prebid Server compatible
  • Prebid Adapter Aliases to Company Name
  • Pure Server-to-Server Mode
  • S2S Tag Solution (No Prebid Required)
  • S2S Auction Management Console
  • Prebid.js Analytics reporting (Stats adapter)
  • Supports 3rd Party JavaScript tags
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation: Fraud/IVT Solutions

Technical integrations are available for hundreds of DSPs using server-to-server calls (OpenRTB based and custom endpoints supported), as well as direct advertiser campaigns and support for tag based demand.

    Features including:
  • 100s of DSP integrations
  • Self Serve Direct Advertiser Interface
  • 3rd Party Stats Aggregation/Consolidation
  • Direct Campaign Hosting
  • 3rd Party JS tag support
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Vast\VPaid support
  • Leading Traffic fraud verification tools – prebid and pixel scoring with sampling modes