Careers at AdKernel

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Careers at AdKernel

Besides all up-to-date level of employment packages, we consider maintaining the balance between stability and creativity to be one of our strongest characteristics.
That’s how we created solid, yet dynamic environment in the company and keep our market positions for many years now.

We encourage you to explore the variety of possibilities with us. We’re always open for smart, hard-working, creative, results oriented and committed people.


In every location we care to provide most important and relevant Benefits that we can, but of course there are some common ones.
We always support our people across their career lifespan with us and encourage suggest ideas here

  • Great locations
  • Free snacks
  • Outings & Events
  • Career growth plans
  • Bonuses
  • Internships

Current Openings


[vacancy title=”Client Support Associate” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/support-associate/”]Position Overview: Client Support Associates focus on helping to onboard and assist active clients with their day-to-day needs and serving support requests

Applicants should have at least 1-2 years experience with a client support role with an understanding of the requirements of professional, client-facing position and have a great drive to learn the world of programmatic advertising.[/vacancy]

[vacancy title=”Junior Programmatic Operations Associate” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/AdOp/”] Position Overview: Ad Operations Associates are responsible for assisting with the technical setup and issues related to Adkernel’s platform services.

The entry-level role provides real world experience with the technical aspects of programmatic advertising and will extend skills related to SQL, RTB debugging, systems monitoring and complicated problems related to the RTB ecosystem from a leader in platform solutions. [/vacancy]

[vacancy title=”Support Manager” location=”Zaporizhzhya” country=”Ukraine” link=”/support-ua/” class=”hidden”] Position overview:

  • Strong knowledge of written technical English language 
  • Excellent knowledge about computer systems and networks 
  • Analytical skills, ability to work with data bases
  • Basic knowledge about web development (SQL, PHP, HTML)


[vacancy title=”Customer Business Success Associate” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/success/”]Position Overview: Our Customer Business Success Team focuses on growing client utilization of the platform and assisting clients in understanding current features and communicating new developments.

Applicants should have a strong communication skills and a drive to build strong relations with clients as well as an ability to keep up with the latest RTB and Programmatic developments and strategies. [/vacancy]


[vacancy title=”Sales Manager” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/sales-manager/”] Position overview: Selling Company’s products and services. Scale our sales organization by helping build sales processes and automation techniques.

3+ years of sales/account management experience in AdTech [/vacancy]

[vacancy title=”Marketing Manager” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/marketing/”] Position overview: Build marketing programs to support specific marketing objectives across different channels and segments.

Bachelor’s degree ( in marketing, communications, public relations, or business). Strong communication skills, an ability to understand and analyze trends, and a deep understanding of the wide variety of marketing channels. [/vacancy]

[vacancy title=”Content Specialist” location=”Jersey City” country=”US” link=”/content-writer/”] Position overview: Work closely with Sales and Marketing to develop and deliver a content strategy that drives high engagement.

BSc in Marketing, English, Journalism or related field. Proven work experience as a Content Writer. Excellent writing and editing skills in English [/vacancy]

[vacancy title=”Front-End Javascript Developer” location=”Kyiv” country=”Ukraine” link=”/content-writer/” class=”hidden”] Position overview:

  • strong knowledge of JavaScript, ООP and asynchronous programming model
  • Knowledge of modern frameworks (React. js / AngularJS / Knockout)
  • Experience of Node.js server code development
  • Knowledge of ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5/CSS3
  • Experience of Front end development


[vacancy title=”Java Software Developer” location=”Kyiv” country=”Ukraine” link=”/Java/” class=”hidden”] Position overview:

  • Strong knowledge of Java, as a main programming language, having good style of programming 
  • Excellent knowledge of  OOP, algorithms and data structures  
  • Excellent knowledge of data bases: SQL, NoSQL, requests optimization skills 
  • Multithreaded programming
  • GIT or other systems of managing source code versions.


[vacancy title=”QA Engeneer” location=”Zaporizhzhya” country=”Ukraine” link=”/QA/” class=”hidden”] Position overview:

  • Planning of web-projects testing 
  • Web applications testing  (manual and automatic)
  • Testing of applications on different devices, browsers etc. 
  • Writing test-cases
  • Development of Automatic Selenium tests 


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NJ OFFICE : Adkernel is a great place to work for a real career in the ad tech niche. Very well-known, an amazing platform providing lots of opportunities both for customers and for the team to grow.
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TECH TEAM, MATT: AdKernel provides anyone interested in the business and technology of ad tech a great opportunity to learn the moving parts and gain an understanding that only a technology and platform provider can offer.

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