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Our Mission
Advertising technology creates new opportunities to extend the reach and effectiveness of digital advertising every day. At the same time, it sometimes feels like we are living through a tsunami of constant change. adKernel brings much-needed stability, clarity, power, and ease-of-use to this challenge, enabling our clients to tap into the opportunities and minimize the complexity.

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CPC/CPV XML & Direct Advertisers Solution

•  Advanced XML metasearch engine supporting all well-known XML PPC and CPV feeds, with the ability to quickly add new feeds on request

•  Advanced traffic and results optimization engine customizable to your campaign goals

•  Dynamic bid pricing for Publishers, based on traffic source performance down to subid level

•  Traffic quality management for advertisers via rigorous monitoring of quality metrics and user behavior

•  Fraudulent traffic protection, including filters, white and black lists, and human presence detection features

•  Self-service CPC/CPV engine and customizable dashboard for direct advertisers

•  Fast, easy set-up and operation

•  Transparent, accurate, real-time accounting with zero discrepancies, to maximize revenue for both advertisers and publishers

•  XML API for publishers’ metrics

•  Enormous volume scalability and resiliency – virtually no limits on volume

•  Throttles that can smooth traffic volume as needed for your operations

•  Traffic exchange technology, both within our Network of XML Networks and with other ad networks using our platform, to maximize the volume and accuracy of your campaigns at very low cost

CPM inventory optimization

•  The fastest and the most scalable white-label solution for display ads

•  Automated real-time eCPM optimization engine – or optimization to your KPIs – including factors such as line-item, banner-size, country, and frequency

•  Automated reporting of key metrics from all campaign sources, including the ability to add key data manually

•  Support for display ads of all kinds, as well as video tags

•  Interfaces with multiple RTB SSP platforms

•  Optimizes static and RTB inventory together

•  User-friendly interface for administration functions

•  Impressions limiter that smooths traffic flow to prevent spikes that might impact performance of your assets

•  Precise, real-time revenue-share accounting

Our Server Side Heading Bidding Container supports all the standard features you would expect, such as:
• Pre-integrated with most of the well known bidders and easy integration of new ones
• OpenRTB 2.4 Support
• Handles Dozens of Bidding Adapters Simultaneously
• Web Interface for managing your Container & Demand Partners, down to the ad unit level
• Malware Detection & Prevention utilizing Geoedge & The Media Trust
However, well beyond just these standard features, the AdKernel Header Bidding solution is truly unique. In particular,
• Support of Display and Video (Native is coming) in one Container
• Advanced bid management
• Ad creative scanning, protection from malwertising and bad ads (Geoedge, The Media Trust)
• Real-time auction analytics
• Real-time web-analytics (yield per web-page/article, ad unit)
• Latency management
• Aggregation of 3rd Party DSP reporting data into a single reporting UI for discrepancy control
• Smart cookie syncing management
• Fully Transparent platform


Our Advantage
adKernel is the fastest-growing vendor of white-label ad serving technology for four key reasons:
Our cloud-based platforms lead the industry in speed, intelligence, and usability, to drive better results. Client support is handled directly by expert engineers who can resolve issues quickly
We are leaders in delivering high-quality digital traffic using human presence detection features, filters, white and black lists, and rigorous monitoring of quality metrics and user behavior.
Using the latest in RTB and contextual technologies, we target pages with brand keywords and place advertising on matching pages
Our extensive experience in database architecture, predictive and optimization analytics, and customizable reporting interfaces offers you better results and better insights



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Our SaaS Platform
adKernel’s cloud-based digital advertising platform elegantly defines the state of the art in ad tech. Our SaaS Platform offers:

• Highly competitive pricing
• Fast, user-friendly set-up (in as little as 24 hours) and management with customizable user interface
• Scalability and flexibility, while controlling for audience quality
• Resilient architecture that manages large spikes in traffic without slowing the ad-serving process
• Real-time learning, predictive analytics, traffic yield and campaign optimization
• Advanced reporting with hundreds of standard reports as well as customization capabilities
• Highly configurable to your needs
• Fully API-enabled – RESTful API for every platform function
• Expert support with direct access to the engineers who can resolve
your questions
• 99.99% uptime

Open Source Technology

Adkernel DataKernel Project

DATAKERNEL – Is a full-stack Java framework for Big Data based on our core technologies for processing 100s of billions of requests per day efficiently.

For technical documentation, read more at the project site or on Github

Adkernel UIKernel Open Source

UIKERNEL – Is the open sourcing of a 4-year development to optimize user interfaces to display huge amounts of data and allow for efficient and quick edits. It contains a variety of components that really speed up building user interfaces.

For technical documentation and examples, please visit the project site at or on Github

How our technology drives better results
All of adKernel’s resources are dedicated to a single challenge: building digital advertising solutions that outperform the competition and give our customers an edge. Our platform is state-of-the-art, Java-based technology recently built from the ground up, unlike others that are a patchwork of legacy systems.

We offer robust optimization of both CPC- and CPM-based advertising in real time, enabling our clients to scale up campaigns while controlling quality, performance, and profitability. As important, our platform integrates these capabilities in an end-to-end solution that is configurable to your needs. In other words, adKernel maximizes your revenue and other key metrics across all digital channels.


Our Customers
We’ve designed our platform to drive higher revenue and profitability for:
Ad Networks
everything you need to run an ad network intelligently, accurately, and efficiently
customizable white-label dashboards and impeccable accounting/ billing features presented under your brand
industry-leading speed and optimization capabilities in real-time marketplaces, as well as a unique audience exchange, all designed to help you maximize the value of your inventory
adKernel is a global technology company with deep roots in the advertising technology industry going back to 2007. We have cultivated successful, long-term client relationships, including:


About adKernel
adKernel is a white-label advertising serving platform that offers fast, efficient and feature-rich online advertising solutions to publishers, advertisers, and networks. Thanks to the company’s industry-leading role in providing enterprise-class solutions for pay-per-click and display mobile and desktop markets, which help clients to achieve advanced traffic and revenue maximization, more and more companies are choosing adKernel.

Our team has deep expertise in digital advertising, distributed database, predictive analytics, real-time decision making, and big data technology. Our platform has been developed entirely in-house, giving us an extraordinary degree of control over its performance, flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Market Development Partner

We offer new ways for our clients to grow their businesses, we are working with engageSimply, the engagement marketing network, to develop innovative, new, quality revenue streams for our clients.

Yevgen Peresvyetov


Yevgen is an advertising technology engineer and entrepreneur from the Ukraine. Mr. Peresvyetov’s first venture, Trustename, a full-featured online ad-serving platform, served as the foundation for many ad-serving products and services.

Judy Shapiro

Chief Strategy Advisor

CEO of engageSimply, an ad tech firm that launched the first engagement network integrating social and content marketing. Her experience includes marketing from both the agency side and the client side. Judy publishes and presents regularly.

Angel Pabon

Director of Product Management

A 20 Plus year veteran of Online Advertising & Internet Marketing. Specializing in OpenRTB / DSP, Display, Native, Video and Social Marketing. Angel helps shape AdKernel’s Products and Services with the needs of our customers

Theng Kuoch

VP, Business Development

Theng is a digital media executive and has over 10 years of experience in Online advertising. His specialization in business development strategies is based on internet trends and business growth opportunities with agencies, advertisers, and publishers

Matt Foremski

Region Operations Manager

Matt is a strategic thinker who helps resolve business process challenges and develop new concepts into feasible outcomes.


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