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Universal Ad Technology Platform

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adKernel provides universal ad technology powering bidders, SSPs, DSPs, XML, Header Bidding and beyond. We provide the backbone technology for processing over 250 billion daily inbound ad requests – and the intelligent bidding technology to make real time decisions.

Explore our white-label solutions and our feature rich platforms for managing direct publishers, advertisers, campaigns and exchanges.

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Explore our Product Suites: All suites include core ad-serving features, publisher, advertiser and admin interfaces and 100s of unique features built on top of world class infrastructure, customized for ad serving.

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Core AI Features. True AI-based optimizers learn from publisher and advertiser requests and responses to make more accurate real-time decisions for traffic flow .

    Other Features including:

  • Revenue stats aggregation – Third Party stats are pulled and automatically
  • Header Bidding and Direct Publisher Tags
  • Conversion Tracking (Pixel and S2S)
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We have integrated thousands of demand and supply partners, traffic quality and ad scanning services as well as providing full 3rd party stats aggregation into a unified admin console.

  • Fraud / IVT Solutions. Built in Fraud (IVT) scoring with all major and minor Fraud solutions, including Forensiq and Protected Media
  • Thousands of Demand and Supply Partners. Connect your business relationships and manage their stats and performance from one interface.
  • Ad Quality and Beyond. Integrate ad quality solutions to ensure your publishers maintain their quality
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Unified Admin Features. All-in-one interfaces integrate 3rd party statistics, traffic and ad quality tools into a central admin console for ease of use.

  • White-label Interface
  • Customizable CSS and Logos
  • Fast Multidimensional Reporting
  • Role-based admin accounts
  • Management consoles for all aspects of operation
  • Payments and Invoicing
  • Remote Statistics Aggregation
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Private Cloud Infrastructure. All clients are hosted on our private network optimized for high load and extreme network efficiency.

  • All Access Management APIs
  • Publisher API
  • Advertiser API
  • Remote CSV Exports
  • Raw data access
  • 99.999% Uptime (Stat)
  • Advertising CDN

Read more about our technology and open source initiatives here