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We are looking for a motivated, energetic, self-starter to join our team. We provide comprehensive, hands-on training.

We are seeking people who value teamwork but enjoys exceeding individual expectations.


The role includes many opportunities to learn the in-depth debugging and technical side of programmatic ad serving while also assisting with the business development needs of our clients and partner companies.

Position Overview: Client Support Associates focus on helping to onboard and assist active clients with their day-to-day needs and serving support requests

Documentation – May assist in the creation of Knowledge Base notes and FAQ, review product documentation and suggests updates to online documentation as needed.


Applicants should have a good technical grasp of basic advertising concepts and be ready to learn to use tools for analyzing technical setups: We routinely assist with database reports in SQL, debugging using Postman, requests monitoring, and related tasks.

To apply, please email your resume along with a cover letter that includes a description of your current level of technical know-how or your familiarity and experience with the programmatic ad tech ecosystem.


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Growth Opportunities at Adkernel

Programmatic Ad Operations associates are responsible for understanding the core technical components of our many products and developing an understanding of the moving parts of the ad serving ecosystem.

It’s a perfect entry level role for anyone who wants to learn the field of programmatic advertising from a highly technical level that very few companies can provide.

If you like working with technology and understanding the systems-level design and functionality in the real world, this role would be perfect for you.