[container class=”main-container”] [home_slide title=”Overview” header=”Universal Ad Technology”] AdKernel is a leading provider of enterprise level technology for empowering the business of digital advertising.

We provide white-label ready, feature-rich platforms for real-time bidding exchanges , DSPs, header bidding, PPC and beyond.

[/home_slide] [home_slide title=”Product Suites” header=”Explore our offerings”] Explore our Product Suites: All suites include core ad-serving features, publisher, advertiser and admin interfaces and 100s of unique features built on top of world class infrastructure, customized for ad serving.

White-label RTB Exchange Suite

White-label Header Bidding Suite

White-label DSP Suite

White-label PPC/XML/JSON Suite

[/home_slide] [home_slide title=”Features” header=”Thousands of specific features for controlling all aspects of advertising”] Including:

[/home_slide] [home_slide title=”Integrations” header=”Demand and Supply, IVT solutions, ad scanning and more”] [/home_slide] [home_slide title=”Admin” header=”User interfaces for publishers, advertisers, sales managers and more”] Unified Admin Features. All-in-one interfaces integrate 3rd party statistics, traffic and ad quality tools into a central admin console for ease of use.

[/home_slide] [home_slide title=”Under the Hood” header=”Hosting, APIs and more”] Private Cloud Infrastructure. All clients are hosted on our private network optimized for high load and extreme network efficiency.

Read more about our technology and open source initiatives here [/home_slide] [/container] [home_slider_scripts]