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Adkernel is the leader in fully hosted, fully customizable ad tech solutions. We power 100s of ad networks, trading desks, RTB exchanges and media buying platforms across the industry, and we are happy to help advise you on Everything Ad Tech.

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Whatever you'd like to accomplish, we are here to help. Serving over 200 Billion ad requests daily across our client platforms, we provide our customers with advanced interfaces and tools to enable them to focus in turn on the business of their clients. All with leading support, a focus on platform reliability and decades of industry know-how.

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    We are a leading advertising technology company that offers a fast, efficient, and feature-rich universal white-label ad serving solution for publishers, advertisers, and networks. Thanks to the company’s industry-leading role in providing enterprise-class solutions for pay-per-click, display, and video, mobile and desktop markets help clients achieve advanced traffic and revenue maximization.

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